Rule #1: Human Value

All human beings have value in God.   The New Testament shows that God loved humanity so much that He gave the Son to be the Savior of the world (1).  His word tells us that Jesus did not come into the world to condemn it, but that through Him, everyone may find salvation (2).  It is not His will that any person should perish, but that they might have everlasting life (3).  One can see the depth of God’s grace and love for humanity, so anyone that teaches that half of humanity is inherently evil (Tomassi says that there is no such thing as a quality woman and ascribes evil qualities to them all–see below) is teaching that women are more immoral, i.e., sinful, than men.  It is clear from the Genesis account and Romans chapter 3 that God sees all mankind as sinful and capable of evil.  One has to ask whether Tomassi feels there are any quality men?  Evidently he does, the men who follow his teachings and become men of power.

Man is valuable to God, but woman is also.  Paul said that the woman came from man, but man is born by woman (4).    God views women in a positive light.   Christianity is based on God’s love, and let me say God does love women.  Women, like men, are a part of His creation, and He has a purpose for women.  The Bible tells us that women are co-heirs with men in the grace of life.  Central to Christianity is the relationship between Jesus and His church, which is portrayed as an example of human marriage.  The core of this relationship is agape love, the pure, committed and sacrificial love that Jesus has for His bride, the Church.  Ephesians 5 and 1 Corinthians 11 states that woman is the glory of man, just as the Church glorifies Jesus.

The red pill views women as 1)narcissistic, egocentric (solipsistic) and opportunistic in her relationships.  It views women as sex objects, there to be exploited by dominant men.  The red pill claims that women want dominant men to control them, and can only respect a man that shows himself to be more powerful than she.

The red pill teaches that the value of women is their sexual attractiveness (market value) and yet conversely teaches that women must find a value apart from their sexuality, a Catch-22 since at the base of Tomassi’s teachings, the base of other red pill advocates’ (Roosh V and Roissy at Chateau Heartiste in particular)  is that ideal that these men of power should be able to freely use women sexually.    This view of women is at its base hateful toward women, stripping them of their instrinsic human value.

The Red Pill, though it does allow for long-term relationships and marriage, also teaches that a man of power remains aloof from his partner and uses deceit and dishonesty (game, dread) to enhance their intimate relationship.   Is desire the sum total of a woman’s value to her husband, indeed to any man?  Judaic teaching indicates that God views sexuality as involving the whole person, with love and affection, not just the physical pleasure.  Men who view women in this manner degrade the very person who gave them life.  If they can see all women as sexual objects, then they must see their mother, sister, daughter as merely objects for man’s pleasure.

God has a specific purpose for woman, and only part of it is the intimacy that she shares within marriage with her husband.   Although God purposed that man and woman have sexual intimacy in order to multiply and replenish the earth, it’s clear from Genesis 1 that God also intended woman to support man in his dominion role in whatever mission or work he is called to.

Any man who professes Jesus Christ will flee the red pill.   God intended that man protect women, and by aligning themselves with such derogatory view of women, what does that say of the man?  It robs him of his character, his integrity and indeed his own glory.  The red pill brings bitterness toward women, and fails to heal men who have had bad experiences due to feminism.  God’s truth heals, whereas the red pill will only bring enmity, bitterness, wrath and emptiness.

The Red Pill then is counter to the biblical principles of God’s love for all humanity in wanting to save them, of the sinful nature of both man and woman,  of agape love, and reduces woman to a sexual object created solely for man’s physical pleasure, by allowing men to exploit her, it strips of her role as a helper to man and robs man of his own glory.


(1) John 3:16, 1 John 4:14

(2) John 3:17

(3) 2 Peter 3:9

(4) 1 Corinthians 11:9

Pamela Parizo © 2017

Author: pamelaparizo

I am an apostolic pentecostal woman who believes in One God, Jesus Name, Acts 2:38 salvation.