Christ’s view of humanity

In assessing the red pill of view of humanity, which is based on evolutionary psychology, it’s important as Christian’s to establish how Jesus viewed humanity in general and women specifically.

We know that God loved humanity so much, that He gave the Son to be the savior of the world (1).  God’s love is unconditional in that God chooses to love us.  He set His love upon us.  That is because His nature is Love.  (2).  We know that He loved us before we ever loved Him. (3).   God’s love for us is expressed through the giving of His Spirit (4) and through Jesus Christ specifically (5) .  God is rich in mercy toward us, His people, and His love for us is great (6).  If we are born of God, we have God’s love in us and love one another (7).  If we love one another, God’s love is perfected in us (8).  We cannot say we love God and not love one another (1 John 4:20).

While we were sinners, Jesus died for us (10).  Nothing can separate us from the love of Jesus (11).  Jesus loved us and so gave Himself for us.  So ought we to give ourselves for each other.

When we look at the Old Testament, we see a culture steeped in patriarchy.    This is the Hebraic world, a theocracy ruled by God through the King, the judge, the priest, or the prophet.  But men were always in control.  This is the way God designed it, and it is right.  However, that never presupposes that God sees women as second-class citizens, as not part of his creation, as not useful outside the domain of the  home.  On occasion, God did use women with spiritual gifts, or for other purposes outside their role as wife/homemaker.  Deborah, Jael, Miriam, Esther, Ruth, Huldah all point to this.

The language of Genesis reflects that God sees women as made in His image, that while woman is subordinate to man in their relationship, she is still important to his plan (indeed, the promise to crush the serpent’s head is given to her, not to Adam).   Women are subject to men overall but that doesn’t say that God does not hold man accountable for his treatment of her.   A man who took more than one wife could not treat the one better than the other.  He owed woman the duties of marriage (food, clothing and marital intimacy).  Wives were never treated like slaves. 

In the New Testament, although it is a different culture in that Israel had become Romanized and Hellenized, the hierarchy of men prevails and is prevalent in the church structure.  This does not mean women did not have some freedom of movement, and women were very active in the work of the Gospel.   Women were not consistently under the rulership of a male relative except her husband, but male authority is present through church leadership.     Women continued to show uses in the Kingdom of God external to their role as homemaker/wife; they were some of the most important witnesses that Jesus had.  Women could possess spiritual gifts since they, like men, also received the Spirit.   This does not diminish the importance of her role in supporting the home, which is vital for women to understand, particularly in light of feminism.

The Red Pill and more specifically the work of Rollo Tomassi reduce the value of women to a sexual object, so that her role within the home is secondary.  This philosophy exploits women’s sexuality–it was never God’s intent that men should receive women’s sexuality without owing her his protection and resources.   Indeed, Christianity restricts all sexuality to marriage, so any philosophy that empowers men to use women as playthings or as plates to spin is contrary to the purpose God has for women, and for the men they are married to.  Marriage glorifies the woman, and by extension, brings glory to her husband.  A good wife is the greatest gift a man can give to himself (12).


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Pamela Parizo © 2017

Author: pamelaparizo

I am an apostolic pentecostal woman who believes in One God, Jesus Name, Acts 2:38 salvation.